Yay patch day (hey that rhymes)

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So my good friend Fealen over at Cow and Bones had a lovely virus attack on his computer which prevented him from logging in last night, or at least attempting to log in. He could have at the very least made gnomes with the rest of us on a server we will never see again. Anyway, I think he got the better end of the deal not sitting in front of his computer swearing at Blizzard.

We did however get a chance to play with the new Real ID friend feature, which despite it being a little buggy last night is pretty neat allowing you to see your friends online whereever they may be playing. But I have to wonder if this is a good thing, don’t you sometimes ever just want to sign on to WoW and play by yourself and not be bothered by anyone you know? Well if you have this set up thats a thing of the past, every person you sign up to will know every single time you log into the game no matter what toon you are on. Now I am not saying this is nesscesarily a bad thing but just be careful who you invite in.

The other thing that isn’t new to this patch but that we just started to see is the holiday boss being queable in the dungeon finder. I LOVE THIS, this is the best thing to happen to me in quite some time. No more migrains trying to put a group together everyday for this, I just hit a button and 5 minutes later BAM! there I am. Now if only Blizzard could do a randum raid tool I would be a very happy panda.

All in all the night turned out okay even though we didn’t get to raid. It was fun watching trade chat idiots trying to form groups for the Ruby Sanctum and then having them argue with us that we were wrong when we told them it wasn’t unlocked yet. I love noobs.


The Ruby Lich King!

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Ahh patch day and all it’s 3.3.5 goodness. Real ID big brother is here, we will soon have the ruby sanctum to play in, and if ‘lil baby Jesus still loves me AVR will be dead today (sorry if you used it, I just think if you can’t move out of fire without a diagram maybe you shouldn’t be raiding.)

Oddly enough the patch that was supposed to have Ruby Sanctum going live doesn’t even contain the instance yet, Blizzard has quoted lag issues as the reason for stalling the instances release. But this brings me to todays question, Is your 25 man or even 10 man going to go into ruby sanctum even though alot of you have yet to kill the Lich King? Well of course we are stupid shaman why wouldn’t we, it’s another loot pinata right? WRONG! Halion is going to be dropping gear equivalent to Lich King loot in it’s respective 10/25 versions, and if loot ilevel has anything to say about it, this fight will be just as hard as the Lich King. So if you can’t kill him…..what makes you think you can kill this dragon?

This is where my problem with how blizzard does their raids. You don’t have to even have set foot into Naxx or Ulduar to be able to raid Icecrown. I don’t like this, blizzard needs to implement a content achievement key system for raiding instances. In plain words, if you wanted to raid Ulduar you would need to have the achievement for beating all of Naxxaramas, Want to raid ToC? You need the achievement for beating Ulduar…….and so on and on.

I think this achievement keyed system would keep a lot of people out of higher level raids that shouldn’t be there. My point in an example….. Hurray my huntard just dinged level 80, I am gonna chain run heroics for 3 days and get all 245 geared then go raid Icecrown despite the fact that I have no idea how to raid on a hunter effectively.  Now say this hunter had to get his 245 gear and run all the way through Naxx, Ulduar, ToC, and THEN be able to come to your PUG. You would be a tad more confident that this man would know how to play that character despite the fact that he is a huntard.

So please blizzard make some sort of keyed raid lockout again and try to minimize the idiots I have to deal with. Welcome Ruby Sanctum and all the keyboards you will make me replace as I bash my face into them out of frustration.

Can a 450 rogue open this lockout?

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Ahhh the most dreaded threat of 25 man raiding “You guys better start killing this guy cause I am saving the raid ID till he is dead!!!”

Wouldn’t be a big deal if I didn’t still need tokens because the jerk in VoA keeps dropping useless PVP junk. *sigh*

So here we are at the experiment of the month, will this work? Will taking 3 hours to grind attempts at Putricide result in a first kill for Revenged? I guess one has to determine whether or not people are only coming on Tuesday because this is the day they can get online and raid or they are getting on to do easy sauce and free loot. I personally don’t know which it is, but it definately is time for a kill on this guy. Last week we had him down to 5% before the wipe and we started phase 3 with like 5 dead DPS. Had those dps been alive we probably would have had it.

This also leaves an interesting question of where do we draw the line? I think we can do both Putricide and Blood Queen with a little practice and if people stop being idiots. But Sindrigosa? Lich King?  These are 2 fights that require the utmost attention and coordination from ALL 25 of your raiders. 1 single person not paying attention WILL result in a wipe. I love Revenged and I love playing with a majority of the guild BUT, I do not think our 25 man roster has the skill for these 2 encounters.

I have come to terms with this, I have set realistic goals on what I believe our guild is capable of and will be content if we accomplish them. I do however have higher expectations of our 10 man which to this day has yet to kill Lich King and to which I am very disappointed. I can’t say what the problem is as I had time I had to miss the 10 man for family reasons. But hopefully with a little more practice that will be checked off the list as well.

As for the 25 mans, well I leave you with this. If you ain’t gonna bother showing up, I ain’t gonna bother keeping your spot for loot, so nananana!

PS. Fealen, here is me taking the air mail express

Burnout Paradise (maybe for cars!)

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Ahhhhh spring and warm weather, the birds are back and singing, the trees are bursting, people are out walking. And much to the dismay of raiding, players everywhere have emerged from their cocoons and found better things to do then show up for raid night.

I happens every spring/summer but that doesn’t make it any easier. Our guild is sooooo close to a lich king kill and yet we haven’t had another attempt at progression in our 10 man in a month because people are not showing up. Our 25 man is just as bad for the 2nd night when we work on progressing. Is it the nice weather, burnout, frustration?? Whatever it may be, it is frustrating for the people who do bother to show up that their dedication goes unrewarded.

We have thought about recruiting more players but this never seems to solve the problem. It seems that for every player we get in 2 others stop playing. I don’t think it is our raids themselves, our loot system is more then fair and our raids are fairly low on the stress table. So how can we go about motivating people to show up?

I tried an experiment last week with our guild all being saved to the same 10 man raid so that if we had lack of attendance we could pull others in to still progress. This worked fairly well in theory until the night that we were supposed to actually work on progression. The guild leader himself and our main tank didn’t show up!! UGGGGGGG It’s getting frustrating to even care to try anymore, the only reason I still do is because I want to see that evil little human undead tyrant die. It’s a personal accomplishment thing and sometimes I think I am the last person to care.

Business or Pleasure?

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So Thursday 4/15 marked a new direction for Blizzard and their attitude towards how they handle items in their game world. They have decided to sell a unique mount for the World of Warcraft game on their website. A lot of people have had an issue with this, so lets take a look.

There are those that think this is a bad direction for the game. They think that this will destroy the game by offering loot to the highest bidder. I don’t think this is the case, what they are offering is pure fluff a different picture on a piece of equipment that everyone owns already. I mean everyone already has a mount, who cares if it looks different, it doesn’t increase the effectiveness of that person in combat or anything.

The fact is they have been selling mounts for years through the collectible card game. Just now it is a lot easier to get because instead of going out and buying $50 in game cards you might not use, now you can just give blizzard $25 and save everyone the hassle. I think the only person losing there is Wal-Mart, and does anyone really give a shit if we hurt Wal-Marts feelings by not buying cards from them?

Blizzard is also a business first and foremost. I think it was a great idea, lets spend a few days coding a new mount and make $500,000 off from it. Kudos to you Blizzard, a lot of games have adopted this type of real money system and it works great for them. Where I think Blizzard needs to use caution is to make sure they still offer rewards for people willing to put forth effort in the game not just shell more money out of their pockets. If they can balance the two of those then I only see it as a good thing for the long term.

Myself??? Well it doesn’t appear that I won a free one from WoW.com so I guess I will go see how long the que is and shell out some dough.

On a side note for you min/maxers, I found out doing simulations the other day that a 1 second delay between the GCD and the next spell going off is costing me 1000 DPS!!!! Who hates lag? *raises hand*

The games we play

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So me and my wife have always tried to instill some sense of values in our son even though he is only 4 years old. Things like it’s nice to share, treat others how you want to be treated, you don’t always get what you want……. blah blah blah good parenting stuff that they give you tips on how to do at the supermarket checkout. And so the other day we are riding in the car and my son asks me “how come they won’t let us play shooting games at school.” We call it school, it’s really a daycare but they teach him stuff and that’s what schools do so…. Anyway, I told him that it was because shooting people in real life is very very bad and people get very hurt or even killed by guns, and that some people don’t like children playing games that aren’t nice, what’s next? Let’s play geo-thermal nuclear warheads Timmy, I get to be Iran, you have to be those jews. Yes I know thats over a line but you can see the point in the extreme.

Now don’t get all flame ready on me yet because I am actually on the fence on this issue. And this is where I believe a lot of parents fail. You can let your kids play cops and robbers and whatever, but don’t just let them think every time someone gets shot in real life they get to wake up and make it home in time for Kraft dinner. I was playing WoW with my son one day and usually we run around, ride the boats, go fishing, and nice non violent things like that. But alas one day I turned my back for a second and the little bugger runs me right off a cliff. YAY corpse run.

Son: “what happened? whats that white bird thing?”

Me: “well thats an angel, I died and now I have to run back and get my body.”

Son: “So your guy is okay?”

Now lets take a break to remind the audience that my son has fortunately had no experience with death yet. We are hoping the first one is with our 13 year old cat and not Grampy so we can ease into this.

Me: “well he is not really okay, he died, but this is a game daddy plays for fun, it’s not real, if daddy had to create a new guy every time you ran me off a cliff, daddy would not be having fun.”

Son: “So he isn’t really dead?”

Me: “No, but if that was a real person like you or me we would be dead and real people don’t get to just run back and pick up their corpse and make it back to Dalaran for Kraft dinner.”

So no, I am not one of those anti-violence nuts with too much poster board and free time. But I don’t really want my son to be a sociopath either and so I parent and I try to teach lessons. When he watches me play WoW I am careful to only fight monsters and not other people so that I can say “Daddy has to help save the world from these bad monsters.” and not have him reply “but it looks like our neighbor, just shorter.” Gnomes, love killing the gnomes.

So that’s all I ask, don’t desensitize your kids to violence. They can play violent things and still have a healthy respect for the consequences of their actions on others. And for the love of god, please stop taking your 5 year old to see movies directed by Tim Burton….. REALLY supermom you thought that would be okay????? geez.

like this thing wouldn't scare a kid

TTFN – “eat wolves warlock!”

You Suck, you know you do! (Rant)

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Healers, tanks, even sometimes DPS. why do you continue to play a class that you are obviously not good at. It hurts my head every time I get into a group with you. I want to go down the street and kick every puppy I see when I get a Pit of Saron group and the tank is not defense capped. It makes me want to choke the life out of my wife’s cat when I have a healer on Forgemaster Garfrost who refuses to heal anyone besides the tank and all the dps dies and it is just the tank and healer playing patty cake for 3 minutes till the tank finally dies. Why do Deathknights que up as tanks when they are obviously dps specced. All these idiots make me jealous of the people who have the guts to just punch other people in the face when they are stupid. Problem being I can’t find their face, but if I ever do find out where that healer lives I just might go for a drive.

Lets cover the basics, tanks first. First of all you NEED to be defense capped!!!! what is that number? I have no idea but I don’t need to because I am not a tank. You do need to know so go look it up, it’s not like the info is hard to find. Second, I know it is the dps job to not pull aggro, but it is YOUR job to generate enough aggro on ALL the mobs so that when the healer is saving your ass he doesn’t get killed! don’t be a lazy tank

Now for healers: first of all if you do not like healing dungeons, why are you specced healing???? is it to get groups faster in the RDF?? Please DO NOT do this you are not good healers and we have a terrible time. Second, it is the healers job to heal EVERYONE in the raid not just the tank. If I am a mage and do not have any aggro but the fight mechanics make me take damage and I am at 10% health and haven’t received a heal yet, so I use ice block, 10 seconds later ice block wears off and I still haven’t gotten a heal so I die. Guess what healer you both failed and you suck, watch the whole damn group!!! THAT is your job.

And lastly DPS: I get that you need some gear before you can do good dps, but when you are all decked in 245 gear and pushing 2.5 or 3K, go research your class because you are playing it wrong. And yes if you pull a mob off the tank it IS your fault, make an assist macro and attack the same mob the tank is on. If the tank fails and a mob aggros the healer, it is not only the tanks job to get it off, everyone should be trying to save that healer because if he dies you die!!

As a final word to the elitists: let off the ego a bit a lot of bad performance is simply based on gear from a new 80. We were all at that point at some time so ease up. It’s pretty easy to tell the difference between someone who just needs some gear and a complete idiot that after 80 levels still doesn’t know how to play the class they chose.

And damn why did that warlock steal my upgrade the other night from my mage? Now I know why they hate each other 8)